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Hint specification version 0.2

A hint an optional way for a node server to provide additional information describing the nodes that it creates. A hint is composed of 4 bytes of information. This document describes a common specification for these 4 bytes so that both node servers and external applications have an understanding of the properties [drivers in Polyglot terms] associated with the nodes. The ISY itself ignores this information.

<hint> = <byte1> . <byte2> . <byte3> . <byte4>

<byte1> [0 - 0xff]
Represents the device category. A category is a high-level generic description. See list below for currently defined categories. Each category will have a specific set of mandatory drivers.

<byte2> [0 - 0xff]
Represents more specific type of device within the category. This allows for differentiation between devices of the same category. For example to differentiate between a fire alarm and a water leak alarm.

<byte3> [0 - 0xff]
Represents device/model specific identification.

<byte4> [0 - 0xff]
Is currently undefined and can be used for node server specific information. The values/format of this byte are not described in this specification.


  • 0x00 - Reserved
  • 0x01 - Dimmer device
  • 0x02 - Relay device
  • 0x03 - Network device
  • 0x04 - Irrigation device
  • 0x05 - Climate control device
  • 0x06 - Pool control device
  • 0x07 - Sensor device
  • [need to add complete list]


0x00000000 [] Default, non-compliant.

x005010000 [] This is a thermostat that has basic heat/cool setpoints.

0x02000000 [] This is a relay device with two states; open/close or on/off; It has a single status value and two commands.

0x07030000 [] This is a specific type (TBD) of sensor.