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Polisy_Developers : ISY : API : Appendix : Editors


    <editor id="I_OL">
       <range uom="51" subset="0-100" />
       <range uom="56" subset="0-255" />
    <editor id="TEMP_C">
       <range uom="4" min="4.5" max="32" step="0.5" prec="1" />
    <editor id="I_RR">
       <range uom="25" subset="0-32" nls="IX_I_RR_" />
editor id The name of the editor

Note: Name must not begin with '_' (reserved for encoded Editor IDs)

range uom The unit of measure of the value (See Units of Measure)

Note: Must be unique for each range entry in an editor

nls Used for percent (51) and index (25) units of measure only. The NLS prefix to use for the name of value.

e.g. for nls="IX_I_RR" value 5, the NLS entry would be: IX_I_RR-5 = 8 seconds

range (1) subset The subset of values supported is defined as a set of ranges and individual values. They must be in increasing value with no duplicates or overlap. Ranges are separated by a '-', individual digits are separated by a ','.

e.g. subset="0-5,7,9,11-14" means these numbers:


e.g. subset="-50--48,-2-3" means -50 to -48, -2 to 3

range (2) min The minimum value (inclusive)
max The maximum value (inclusive)
step The number to increment with each step (e.g. in a spinner type widget)
prec The number of decimal places to keep for the value

System Editors

The ISY supplies various built-in system editors giving access to dynamic data within the ISY (e.g. notifications)

Encoded Editor ID

For simple editors, rather than referencing an editor defined within an xml file, the ID itself can be encoded in a way that fully defines the editor. The following describes the supported encodings. An encoded editor ID may be used anywhere an editor is referenced (e.g. status, command parameters, etc.)

    e.g. <st id="CLITEMP" editor="_17_1_N_IXN" />

Editor ID Encoded Format Implied XML (by example)
 <editor id="_17_1">
     <range uom="17" prec="1"
            max="2147483647" />
 <editor id="_17_1_N_IXN">
     <range uom="17" prec="1"
            nls="IXN" />

Note: 'm' is used to indicate a negative
min/max value

 <editor id="_17_2_R_m5_10">
    <range uom="17" prec="2"
           min="-5" max="10" />

Note: 'm' is used to indicate a negative
min/max value

 <editor id="_17_0_R_0_10_N_IXRR">
    <range uom="17" prec="0"
           min="0" max="10"
           nls="IXRR" />
 <editor id="_17_1_S_FF00FF00">
    <range uom="17" subset="8-15,24-31" />
 <editor id="_17_1_S_FF00FF00_N_IXN">
    <range uom="17" subset="8-15,24-31" nls="IXN" />
 <editor id="_17_1_S_FF00FF00_03E">
    <range uom="17" subset="8-15,24-31,33-37" />
 <editor id="_17_1_S_FF00FF00_03E_N_IXN">
    <range uom="17" subset="8-15,24-31,33-37" nls="IXN" />