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[[Polisy_Developers]] : [[Polisy_Developers:ISY | ISY]] : [[Polisy_Developers:ISY:API | API]] : [[Polisy_Developers:ISI:API:Appendix | Appendix]] : Icons
[[Polisy_Developers]] : [[Polisy_Developers:ISY | ISY]] : [[Polisy_Developers:ISY:API | API]] : [[Polisy_Developers:ISY:API:Appendix | Appendix]] : Icons
The predefined icon names
The predefined icon names

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Polisy_Developers : ISY : API : Appendix : Icons

The predefined icon names

Alarm Generic alarm
Arm Arm an alarm system
DoorLock A door lock
Electricity Generic electricity
EnergyMonitor Energy monitor
GenericCtl Generic controller
GenericRsp Generic responder
GenericRspCtl Generic responder and controller
Input A sensor input
Irrigation Generic irrigation
Lamp A lamp
LampAndSwitch Represents both a lamp and a switch
MotionSensor A motion sensor
Output An output relay
PulseCounter A pulse counter
Sensor Generic sensor
Siren A siren
Switch A switch
SmokeSensor A smoke sensor
TempSensor A temperature sensor
Thermostat A thermostat
Weather Generic weather