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Polisy_Developers : ISY : API : Appendix : Node Definitions

    <nodeDef id="Thermostat" nls="143">
          <st id="ST" editor="I_TEMP_DEG" />
          <st id="CLISPH" editor="I_CLISPH_DEG" />
          <st id="CLISPC" editor="I_CLISPC_DEG" />
          <st id="CLIMD" editor="I_TSTAT_MODE" />
          <st id="CLIHCS" editor="I_TSTAT_HCS" />
          <st id="ERR" editor="I_ERR" hide="T" />
             <cmd id="DON" />
             <cmd id="DOF" />
             <cmd id="CLISPH">

</cmd> <cmd id="CLISPC">

</cmd> <cmd id="CLIMD">

</cmd> <cmd id="QUERY" /> </accepts> </cmds> </nodeDef> </nodeDefs>

<nodeDef> id Name of this node definition (e.g. "Thermostat")
nls NLS key string used to override names of commands, status and other elements.
<st> id One of the predefined status names e.g. "CLISPH"
editor The id of the editor to use
hide (Optional) Set to "T" or "True", hides status in views but is available in program conditions
<sends> The commands this node can send out. Used for control conditions in ISY programs and scene controllers.
<accepts> The commands this node accepts. Used for buttons etc. in ISY clients, and actions in ISY programs.
<cmd> id Name of a command.
<p> id Name of a command parameter. A command may have one unnamed parameter, all others must be named.
editor The id of the editor to use for this parameter
init (Optional) id of the <st> status value this parameter should be initialized and synchronized with. For example, CLISPH is both a status and a command.
optional (Optional) Set to "T" or "True" if this is an optional parameter
nls (Optional) NLS key string used to override name of parameter.