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Polisy_Developers : ISY : API : Appendix : Status Names

These are the names available for use as IDs for status entries in node definitions (i.e. <st> entries in the <sts> section of the nodedef).

  <nodeDef id="Thermostat" nls="143">
        <st id="ST" editor="I_TEMP_DEG" />
        <st id="CLISPH" editor="I_CLISPH_DEG" />
        <st id="CLISPC" editor="I_CLISPC_DEG" />
        <st id="CLIMD" editor="I_TSTAT_MODE" />
        <st id="CLIHCS" editor="I_TSTAT_HCS" />
ID Description Polisy Version Introduced
ACCX Acceleration X axis
ACCY Acceleration Y axis
ACCZ Acceleration Z axis
ADRPST Auto DR Processing State
ALARM An alarm occurred (values are different for each device type)
ANGLPOS Angle Position
AQI Air Quality Index
ATMPRES Atmospheric Pressure
BARPRES Barometric Pressure
BATLVL Battery level
BMAN Deprecated - Use FDUP or FDDOWN
BMI Body Mass Index
BMR Basic Metabolic Rate
BONEM Bone Mass
BPDIA Blood pressure Diastolic
BPSYS Blood pressure Systolic
BRT Brighten
BUSY Device is Busy
CC Current Current
CH20 Formaldehyde CH2O level
CLIEMD Energy Mode
CLIFRS Fan Running State
CLIFS Fan Setting
CLIFSO Fan Setting Override
CLIHCS Heat/Cool State
CLIHUM Humidity
CLIMD Thermostat Mode
CLISMD Schedule Mode
CLISPC Cool Setpoint
CLISPH Heat Setpoint
CLITEMP Current Temperature
CO Carbon Monoxide Level
CO2LVL CO2 Level
CPW Current Power Used
CTL Controller Action
CV Current Voltage
DEWPT Dew Point
DFOF Fast Off
DFON Fast On
DISTANC Distance
DOF3 Off 3 Key Presses
DOF4 Off 4 Key Presses
DOF5 Off 5 Key Presses
DON3 On 3 Key Presses
DON4 On 4 Key Presses
DON5 On 5 Key Presses
DUR Duration
ELECCON Electrical Conductivity
ELECRES Electrical Resistivity
ERR Error
ETO Evapotranspiration
FATM Fat Mass
FDDOWN Fade Down
FDSTOP Fade Stop
FDUP Fade Up
FREQ Frequency
GPV General Purpose Value
GV0 Custom Control 0
GV1 Custom Control 1
GV2 Custom Control 2
GV3 Custom Control 3
GV4 Custom Control 4
GV5 Custom Control 5
GV6 Custom Control 6
GV7 Custom Control 7
GV8 Custom Control 8
GV9 Custom Control 9
GV10 Custom Control 10
GV11 Custom Control 11
GV12 Custom Control 12
GV13 Custom Control 13
GV14 Custom Control 14
GV15 Custom Control 15
GV16 Custom Control 16
GV17 Custom Control 17
GV18 Custom Control 18
GV19 Custom Control 19
GV20 Custom Control 20
GV21 Custom Control 21
GV22 Custom Control 22
GV23 Custom Control 23
GV24 Custom Control 24
GV25 Custom Control 25
GV26 Custom Control 26
GV27 Custom Control 27
GV28 Custom Control 28
GV29 Custom Control 29
GV30 Custom Control 30
GVOL Water Volume
HEATIX Heat Index
HR Heart Rate
LUMIN Luminance
METHANE Methane Density
MOIST Moisture
MOON Moon Phase
MUSCLEM Muscle Mass
OL On Level
PF Power Factor
PM10 Particulate Matter 10
PM25 Particulate Matter 2.5
POP Percent chance of precipitation
PPW Polarized Power Used
PRECIP Precipitation
PULSCNT Pulse Count
QUERY Query Device
RADON Radon concentration
RAINRT Rain Rate
RELMOD Relative modulation level
RESET Reset values
RESPR Respiratory rate
RFSS RF Signal Strength
ROTATE Rotation
RR Ramp Rate
SECMD Device secure mode
SEISINT Seismic Intensity
SEISMAG Seismic Magnitude
SMAN Deprecated - Use FDSTOP
SMOKED Smoke Density
SOILH Soil Humidity
SOILR Soil Reactivity
SOILS Soil Salinity
SOILT Soil Temperature
SOLRAD Solar Radiation
SPEED Velocity
ST Status
SVOL Sound Volume
TANKCAP Tank Capacity
TBW Total body water
TEMPEXH Exhaust Temperature
TEMPOUT Outside Temperature
TIDELVL Tide Level
TIMEREM Time remaining
TPW Total Power Used
UAC Valid user access code entered
UOM Unit
USRNUM The user access code that associated with the most recent Alarm
UV Ultraviolet
VOCLVL Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) level
WATERF Water Flow
WATERP Water Pressure
WATERT Water Temperature
WATERTB Boiler Water Temperature
WATERTD Domestic Hot Water Temperature
WINDCH Wind Chill
WINDDIR Wind Direction
WVOL Water Volume