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Insteon uses static node server profile files in much the same way node servers do (see Node Server Configuration REST API)

Insteon Compatibility

For compatibility with ISY version 4.x, the values and units of measure for events generated by Insteon devices remains the same. The EMAP/I_EMAP.XML file shows how a GUI should convert these values when presenting them to the user.

For example:

     <uom from="101" to="14" prec="1" /> <!-- Degree_X_2 to Degree -->
The value for an event with unit of measure 101 (degrees X 2) should be converted to unit of measure 14 (degrees) with a precision of 1 (i.e. 1 decimal place) when displayed. All from values have an implied precision of 0.

NOTE: emap files are not supported for anything other than product family 0 and are only for Insteon compatibility

Sample contents of the Insteon I_EMAP.XML file

  <!-- In all events, convert values from given UOM to new UOM -->
  <eventMap id="I_STD">
        <uom from="98" to="67" />  <!-- Insteon Thermostat Mode to Common Thermostat Mode -->
        <uom from="99" to="68" />  <!-- Insteon Thermostat Fan Mode to Common Thermostat Fan Mode -->
        <uom from="100" to="51" />  <!-- LEVEL_255 to Percent -->
        <uom from="101" to="14" prec="1" />  <!-- Degree_X_2 to Degree -->
        <uom from="102" to="33" prec="4" />  <!-- kW Second to kWh -->