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In real-life power fails, the power is never restored cleanly. It sometimes comes on and off several times.

Smarthome design is such that "in the event of a power loss, the SwitchLinc Dimmer will return to its last brightness level when power is restored."

Consider experiencing a power failure in the evening when things are on. And then the power being restored while you're sleeping or the next day after you've left the house. Everything could be on, wasting all that power you've been saving!

We can fix this. We'll just create a program that runs when power is restored to the ISY.


  • Devices will return to the last brightness level when power is restored until the ISY can take over. The ISY can take some time to fully reboot. Mine takes about 1:45 to get started.


  1. Add a program, POWER IS ON, which will launch another program. It must be done this way to prevent the second program from running daily.
  2. Add a program, POWER RECOVERY, which will set things as you want them. In my example, if it's daytime, turn everything off. If it's night, turn on a single lamp.
  3. In Programs, Summary, for POWER IS ON, set "Run at Startup" to ON.


  • Change the time of day to your liking.
  • Change the SMS notification as you choose. Mine is Subject: "Power Restored ${sys.time12}" and Body: "There was a power failure. ISY is now running again."
  • Change as many things as you'd like to have configured when power is restored!


If    ;When the ISY restarts
   - No Conditions - (To add one, press 'Schedule' or 'Condition')


   Send Notification to "Myself" content "Power Restored"
   Enable Program 'POWER RECOVERY'
   Run Program 'POWER RECOVERY' (If)


   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


If      ;If there is some light

   From      Sunrise -   1 hour
   To        Sunset  +   1 hour   (same day)!

Then    ;Turn everything off then disable this program

   Set Scene 'My_Home_ISY' Off
   Disable Program 'POWER RECOVERY'

Else    ;Turn everything off, turn on a soft light then disable this program

   Set Scene 'My_Home_ISY' Off
   Set Scene 'Downstairs / Soft_Light' On
   Disable Program 'POWER RECOVERY'

Please let me know if you find any anomalies or can improve functionality.

Cheers, --BitSmith (talk)

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