RTU Configuration and Test

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RTU Configuration and Test

RTU Power Calculations Panel
RTU Power Calculations Panel

Portals Tab

The Portals tab  1  contains the panels for configuring and testing RTU data and algorithms. Data is automatically collected every minute for every RTU device connected to the ISY. The algorithms are run automatically each day with the resulting events being sent out to the server.

Downloading Data

The collected data may be downloaded for any given device  3  as a .CSV file. This file is suitable for uploading as a test case.

  • A date range may be specified  2  to limit the amount of data being downloaded.
  • Press Download Data  4 
  • Select the filename and directory for the download

Uploading Test Data

Test data files in .CSV format may be uploaded to the system. Up to 50 different test cases may be stored at any one time.

  • Select the Testcase ID  6 
  • Press Upload Test Data  9 
  • Select the .CSV file to be uploaded
    • The data must be in the form Date/time, Power, Temperature, sorted by Date/Time.
Example of a .CSV file:

7/16/2009 0:00,60.174,0.075
7/16/2009 0:01,60.26,0.075
7/16/2009 0:02,60.26,0.075
7/16/2009 0:03,60.303,0
7/16/2009 0:04,60.174,0.075
7/16/2009 0:05,60.174,0.075

Running Test Data

To run the test data through the algorithms

  • Select the Testcase ID  6 
  • Press Compute  7 
  • This may take 20 minutes or longer to complete

Set Download Directory

The download directory  5  is the base directory for downloading test results. When running a test case, several subdirectories are created under this directory closely matching the directory structure on the system itself.

Downloading Test Results

The intermediate results of running a Test case are available as .CSV files suitable for viewing in a spreadsheet.

  • Select the Testcase ID  6 
  • Press Download Results  8 
  • This may take a few minutes to complete

The results are stored in directories based on the previously specified download directory. For example, Downloading results of test case 7 with a download directory of C:/RTU

  • C:/RTU/TESTCASE/00000007/OUTPUT/ - Directory containing the results
  • GDATA.CSV, STORE.CSV, SADETAIL.CSV, SASTORE.CSV, HRLYAVG.CSV, ENERGYRE.CSV are generated, matching the sheet names used by the VB implementation.

Deleting Test Data

The data for a test case may be deleted as follows

  • Select the Testcase ID  6 
  • Press Delete Test Data  10 
  • Confirm that you want to delete the test data.