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Adding a schedule to a program


To add a schedule to a program, first select or create a program, and then press the Schedule button. When you have finished entering the schedule information, press the [Add to 'If'] button to add it to the 'If' section of the program.

A schedule can be used to run something at a specific or between specific times.

All/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri Checkboxes
Select the days of the week this schedule should run.
  • For Sunrise/Sunset, the day of the sunrise/sunset is used, but not including the time offset.
    For example, A schedule to run at sunrise + 24 hours with only the Thursday checkbox checked.
    This will run on Friday because the day of the sunrise is Thursday, but the offset moves it ahead 24 hours.
  • It is the start time only that determines whether a schedule will run on a specific day.
    For example, A schedule to run from sunset to 10:30AM the next day, with only the Thursday checkbox checked.
    This will start at sunset on Thursday, and continue to 10:30AM the next day even though the Friday checkbox has not been selected.
  • The rules for Sunrise/Sunset also apply to program 'Last Run' times.
Sunrise/Sunset Schedule entry
  • Specify the number of hours:minutes:seconds before or after the sunrise/sunset.
  • For 'To' dates and times, a day offset relative to the from date is also specified, allowing the schedule to span up to six days.
Last Run
Last run time Schedule entry
The date and time of the last run of the specified program is used.
  • Specify the number hours:minutes:seconds after the program was last run.

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