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The Tree View is located on the left section of the GUI. At the top of the tree is the node that shows the whole Network. The tree may expand, grow, or shrink based upon the number of devices that have been linked to ISY as well as user actions. There are only four distinct types of nodes that you may find on the tree view (refer to left pane in Figure 28):

  • Network or Root Node - shows all the devices in the network.
  • My Lights - shows all the devices linked to the ISY.
  • INSTEON Device - identifies an INSTEON device. Note: the icon changes based on the type of INSTEON device.
  • Scene - identifies a Scene which is a grouping of INSTEON devices.

Clicking on the icons on the tree view brings up the associated view in the view pane.

Right clicking on the icons on the tree view brings up a context menu of actions appropriate only for that node on the tree.

Node Tree

Folders can be created in the tree to organize devices and scenes.

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