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= '''Communications''' =
= '''Communications''' =
* [[INSTEON:_Troubleshooting_Communications_Errors|Troubleshooting INSTEON Communication Errors]]
* [[INSTEON:_Troubleshooting_Communications_Errors|Troubleshooting INSTEON Communication Errors]]
* [INSTEON Signal / Noise Troubleshooting[http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/15276-insteon-signal-noise-troubleshooting]]
* [[INSTEON Signal / Noise Troubleshooting]][http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/15276-insteon-signal-noise-troubleshooting]]

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  • Cannot enter userid/password in the Authenticate dialog. If you have Yosemite and Java 1.8.40, please:
    • Go to System Preferences | Java
    • Click on the Java tab
    • Enter -Xdebug for Runtime Parameters

Front Panel LEDs/Lights

  • Boot up sequence:
    • Power, RX&TX, momentary blink of Memory/RX and TX, and then Power only
  • Error light and Memory light blinking simultaneously: ISY is not able to get on the network.Please ensure:
    • The Network jack on the back of ISY is connected to your router
    • The lights on the Network jack have one steady on and the other one blinking. If not, check cable and connectivity to the router
    • Your router provides DHCP
    • There are no other devices on the network with the same IP address (IP Conflict)
  • Only Error light blinking: ISY cannot communicate with the SD Card. Please ensure:
    • The micro SD Card (on the front) is seated properly. Unplug ISY, remove the rubber cap, using a sharp object, push the micro SD Card in so that it pops out. Push it back in so it clicks in. Apply power to ISY
    • If reseating the micro SD Card does not work, you probably have a defective SD Card. Please consult Replacing/Formatting SD Card

Error Codes