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Feel free to contact me; UDI (at) AndrewSite (dot) com

  • I like to leave the whole-house fan on for a while. How to make a countdown timer (my first article);

  • I want to ensure everything is off after a power failure. How to set preferences after power failure;

  • Answering a question by CPRail1, here's how to make a motion controlled security light that can be kept on;

  • I'm finding that the IoLinc 2450 does not always show proper relay condition if using Momentary settings. I will put a proper post shortly, but in the meantime;

Until IoLinc wrong response bug is fixed, here is a workaround.

When using IoLinc in Momentary mode, include this program; Relay Workaround

   Control   'Garage Relay' is not switched Off
   Or Status 'Garage Relay' is not Off
   Wait 1 second
   Set 'Garage Relay' Off

  • And I'm enjoying and learning on the Forum;