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Hello Mark:

How do you incorporate the bullet points into a Wiki post? I see that you've just done that on my post. I would have done that if I had known how.



Bullets points come from doing a '*' in the first char of a line. I had to put the * in front of the ''' bold markup to get it to work. Also the key for the number lines is to add an '#' in the first char of the line.

For more tips check out the cheatsheet in the Help section.

Hello Mark: Thanks for the tip! After I posted the question to you, I went in and looked at the code that you had used, and it made sense.

On a related topic: how do you make the "edit" field "taller" on your computer screen? I can only see about 4 lines at a time. This makes edits in a large page very difficult. It makes me feel that I'm back in "pre-Windows" days!! Why does this Wiki interface have to be so archaic?? It's even more cumbersome than forums!

Thanks! Frank