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How do you incorporate the bullet points into a Wiki post? I see that you've just done that on my post. I would have done that if I had known how.



Bullets points come from doing a '*' in the first char of a line. I had to put the * in front of the ''' bold markup to get it to work. Also the key for the number lines is to add an '#' in the first char of the line.

For more tips check out the cheatsheet in the Help section.


Thanks for the tip! After I posted the question to you, I went in and looked at the code that you had used, and it made sense.

On a related topic: how do you make the "edit" field "taller" on your computer screen? I can only see about 4 lines at a time. This makes edits in a large page very difficult. It makes me feel that I'm back in "pre-Windows" days!! Why does this Wiki interface have to be so archaic?? It's even more cumbersome than forums!

Thanks! Frank


Thought you might like your name in the headlines. :-P

To change the editing window click on my preferences up in the top area. Go to the Editing tab, and change the Rows to say 30 and you should be good.

Also so you are not in pre-Windows days turn on the "Show edit toolbar" so you can be in windows 3.1 days.

Of course, what was I thinking! Yes, I do have the tool bar enabled, so of course I'm in Windows 3.1 !

Hey, this is not did you get our nicknames to appear on your discussion page???