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Greetings Mark. I have a couple of questions for you:

- I have recently added content to the "Replace" command under How To. Why is this section not under the general User Guide?

- I would like to see us start gathering together all known hidden shell commands, and put them on the Wiki. Also how to do things like using the Debug feature, etc. These are all things that I see from time to time in the forums, and say to myself "I should try this sometime", but then I forget what it was and where I read it! So do you already have a list of these commands that we could post and explain how to use? Or should I start a thread on the forum asking for user input?\

Best wishes, Frank



Thanks for working on the wiki while I am busy at work. Things will slow down in another week so I should have a bit more time again.

The "Replacing a Device" How-To is there for a walkthrough of the process of replacing the device. It's not there for the command description, all the How-Tos are there for walkthrough style of documentation.

As for a list of hidden commands or telnet commands I don’t have them. Michel has them and may have not shared them yet because they are working on debugging features.


Hello Mark:

I saw what you wrote in the "How To" section, that you had removed the "Replace...with" notes that I had put there. What you wrote made perfectly good sense, except that you said that it had been removed, when it really hadn' was still on the article page! So I just removed everything from both the article and discussion pages.

I instead added it to the "User Guide" for the time being. I did this because the process is confusing due to the two "issues" that I have pointed out to Chris & Michel. The first issue is scheduled to get fixed. The second will be more complex. And I had already told Michel & Chris that I had posted this to the Wiki. So they expect it to be there somewhere.

Since we don't have a "Bugzilla" page right now, and since some new users are complaining about how "sparse" the User Guide is, I figured that this should go someplace that it could be easily found as it is important information. So if "How-To" is not appropriate, then the Wiki User Guide is where it should go I guess.

As Michel and Chris impliment the fixes, then the Wiki can be easily updated.



Frank, Sorry I was accually storing it there to figure out where it would better go. I did not want to loose what you had there.

Lets create a page that tracks the Known Issues in the Troubleshooting section.