Current Official Firmware Releases

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  • Firmware Releases Forum - This area of the forum will have Current Release posts for ISY994, ISY on Polisy (IoP), Polyglot, and UD Mobile (Android and iOS).

If you would like to receive alerts/notifications when new releases are posted please use the forum "Follow" option. Click "Follow" in the on the top right of the page then select how you would like to receive notifications. Make sure your email address is correct in your profile. Based on your settings you should receive emails and/or forum site notifications (the bell in the top right near your profile name) when new posts are made.

You can follow specific threads in that area, but will miss new posts for updates. It is generally suggested that you follow the entire category to get updates.

NOTE: In the "Followed Content options make sure there is NO checkmark on the last option "Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community".