INSTEON No Status Feedback From Devices

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ISY programs which are based on Status or Control depend on the status of devices being communicated back to ISY from the device and through the PLM. Therefore, if you do not see immediate status updates on the Admin Console when a device is manually controlled (at the device), then - and in all likelihood - the issue is PLM related and specifically link records for that device does not exist in the PLM. Since PLMs have limited capacity for link records (about 2000 but they stop sending change of state after about 900), it's always best to plan your installation ahead of time and estimate the number of links your PLM is going to have.

If this issue has surfaced only after replacing a PLM, please follow the instructions here for replacing a PLM.

If you have ever clicked on File | Delete Modem, then you must have a good backup from prior to this operation, do a File | Restore ISY, and then followed by File | Restore Modem (PLM).

The first step is to get the PLM Link count:

  • Login to the Admin Console
  • Go to Tools | Diagnostics | Show PLM Link Table
  • click on the Start button, wait for completion
  • Once complete, click on the Count button

How many links do you have? You should have:

  • At least twice as many links in the PLM as the number of nodes in your device tree (Admin Console/Left Pane)
  • At most 900 for 2413S PLMs

If Link count is 0:

  • Go to file | Restore Modem (PLM) ... this will attempt to recreate all the links in the PLM
  • Once Restore Modem (PLM) is completed, count the number of links in the PLM again using the procedure outlined above
  • If the link count is still 0, then in all likelihood the PLM is dead and has to be replaced

If Link count is more than 900?

  • When you have too many large scenes, PLM link records are used up pretty quickly
  • It would be best to merge all most of the scenes with common members into one
  • If you have very large installation, consider using programs for some of the scenes