INSTEON Random All On Events

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Random All On events are related to INSTEON commands being sent to the PLM from ISY and, on the other hand, one (or more) INSTEON devices sending events to the PLM at the same time and thus causing packet collision. RF/dual band devices increase the likelihood of this event since they send two packets for each signal.

The combination of the following technique will dramatically reduce the likelihood of All On events:

  • You don't have any programs that use Control for a device and then send a Scene command to a scene which includes the same physical device. So different buttons from the same KPL are considered one device
  • Don't Use a Control for a device which is already a Controller for some Scene and then have the program send other INSTEON commands to other devices/scenes. This basically causes two or more events arrive at the PLM at the same time

In addition, motion sensors with low battery, sometimes go crazy and start sending sequences of on/off every second or so. As such:

  1. Check Tools | Log for sequences of motion sensor on/off every few seconds and in succession
  2. If you do have those, change the motion sensor battery