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Sign up for an IFTTT account

Connect the Maker channel (, and note the key (refered to as {key} later)

Connect the Twitter channel (

Create recipe:

If 'This' (Maker Channel / Receive a web request) Event Name: tweet That: Twitter Post a tweet Tweet Text: Template:Value1

Make sure 'Notify me when recipe runs' is unchecked - unless you want that.

ON ISY: Create network resource:

HTTPS POST 443{ifttt_key} (Do NOT check 'Encode URL) Timeout: 1000

Body (option 1 - set content type to 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' and Mode to 'C Escaped'): value1=test tweet

Body (option 2 - set content type to 'application/json' and Mode to 'RAW text'): {"value1":"test tweet json"}

To send a device state (with 4.3.3 and later, or 5.x)

{"value1":"Device: ${sys.node.AB CD EF 1.ST.raw}"} or {"value1":"Device: ${sys.node.AB CD EF 1.ST}"}