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We are going to use 'AutoRemote' to send device status to Tasker as a variable. This can then be used on Tasker to update widgets or trigger events.

  • Autoremote
    • Install from
    • After installing the app on your phone, make a note of the URL presented in app
    • On a desktop - visit the URL in order to determine the long URL. You'll need the long URL when setting up the resource.
    • For each message you wish to send, create a network resource as follows
      • 'https' 'get'
      • host is ''
      • port is 443
      • path is '/sendmessage?key=[key-from-url]&message=[message]
      • timeout at least 2000ms (SSL takes a while to become established - can be lower if you change method to 'http' though
      • Consider if 'Encode URL' is needed - so that special characters or spaces in your message get encoded
      • Documentation can be found at

In this example, I'm going to send the status of a door (from an Elk zone) to a Tasker variable (0=closed, 1=open).

First, create two network resources for Autoremote. The two messages to send are:

'AR - Door - Side Door - Closed'
SETVAR ISYFrontDoor=:=0
'AR - Door - Side Door - Opened'
SETVAR ISYFrontDoor=:=1

The ISY program to send the message looks like this:

       Elk Zone 'Front Door' is Violated
       Resource 'AR - Door - Side Door - Opened'
       Resource 'AR - Door - Side Door - Closed'

In Tasker, create a new 'Task' called 'AR-SetVar'

Step 1: 'Variable Set'
 Name: %%arpar2
 To: %arcomm

Now, create a new profile:

Edit the configuration:
 Event Behaviour is checked
 Message Filter is set to 'SETVAR'
Select 'AR-SetVar' as the 'Entry' task

Exit Tasker to save the profiles.


A message like 'SETVAR ISYFrontDoor=:=0' will create a variable in Tasker of ISYFrontDoor and assign the value '0' to it. Test the resource (or open and close the door) to call the network resource - and create the variable the first time. Go back into Tasker - and you will see a new variable 'ISYFrontDoor'. Watch the screen as you open and close the door - the value updates within a few moments.

You can then write Tasker events to trigger on variable changes if you want...

Like generic network resources - ISY does not currently support variable substitution - so you cannot, for example, send the dim status of a light. This should be addressed in 5.x.