ISY Portal MobiLinc Configuration

From Universal Devices, Inc. Wiki

MobiLinc can be easily configured to use ISY Portal. This said, however, push notifications are not yet working. For push notifications, you may want to consider ISY Portal Geo Fencing.

Here are the instructions to setup MobiLinc:

  • Login to, click on My Profile (top right) and make sure My Preferred ISY points to your ISY
  • Open MobiLinc and go to My Settings->Lighting Controller Settings
  1. Set Host Type to ISY
  2. Set Username and Password to the email address and password with which you are registered in ISY Portal
  3. Set Local - http:// to blank
  4. Set Local port Leave as is
  5. Set Secure - https://
  6. Set Secure Port to 443
  7. Tap sync with ISY in the controller page

If you have an Android Phone and still having trouble communicating:

  • Uninstall MobiLinc PRO (Force Stop Services)
  • Reboot your phone
  • Install MobiLinc PRO
  • Follow the same instructions as above
  • You may want to clear Http port