ISY Portal Node Server Occupancy V2 & UDI Mobile app Instructions

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Please use our in house app UD Mobile for Geofencing as the third party app UDI Mobile is no longer available.


This will not work see new instructions above.

1) This solution requires the Android app “UDI Mobile”, thus information on this page only is useful to Android users. (iOS users: see these instructions)

2) The user must be subscribed to the UDI Portal service and approve the portal in ISY's Admin console.

3) The user must have configured the node server in the UDI Portal.

ISY Portal Occupancy V2 With UDI Mobile Instructions

NOTE: UDI Mobile is a 3rd party application, UDI Mobile is not the same as UD Mobile, which is developed directly by UDI.
As of January 2022: UDI Mobile is reported as no longer available in the Google Play store. There is no further information about its availability.

1) Download UDI Mobile by One Click to Control This will not work please see new instructions linked above.

2) Log into the ISY Portal at “”.

3) Select "Node Server" from the "Select tool..." dropdown and then select "Occupancy V2 (with UDI Mobile)". Note: for this example, we will configure one device to trigger one geofence, multiple geofences and devices are supported as well.

4) Under the "Geofences" tab select "Add Geofence", name it and select "Save".

5) Under the "Mobile Devices" tab select "Add Mobile Device", name it and select "Save".

Note: “Profile for UDI Mobile” can be toggled between "Editor" and "User". Selecting "Editor" grants the mobile device user permissions to unlink the mobile device.

6) Under the "Geofences" tab select "Assign Mobile Device".

7) Under the “Geofences” tab, select the desired geofence, select the device you want to use to trigger that geofence, and select “Save”.

8) Under the "Mobile Device" tab, select the blue arrow under the "Linked" column.

9) Select "Generate" and select "Confirm" to generate a six-digit pin for linking the UDI Mobile application downloaded in step 1.

10) Launch UDI Mobile and enter the six-digit code you received from the previous step and select "Confirm".

11) Select "Allow” to the location services prompt of the mobile device. (Location is critical to the functionality of this application)

12) Select "Set Geofences Location" and select "OK".

13) The application will locate your current location and set the fence to 100M by default. To save this setting select "Update Geofence". To select another location, enter the address in the search field and then select "Update Geofence" and "OK" to confirm.

14) Your application is now configured to report your location and does not need to be running to do so. The device will now report its status automatically. To test the geofence feature you may use the "Report Device Status” button within the settings of the application. This will manually change the device occupancy node that was created in ISY during the above process from False to True if your device is inside the geofence.

Note: the application will notify the user it has reported the status with a system notification, you may disable this feature in the "Notifications" settings of your mobile device.


  • The user should ensure that their operating system is updated.
  • Ensure that the proper location privileges are set in the device settings.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Possible cause: The geofence is not set to where the user thinks it is.
    • Fix: Ensure the location of the geofence is where you expect it to be. If you are inside the geofence use the red location button in the geofence edit page to locate you, update, and save.
  • Possible cause: If the user’s device has GPS that is less accurate than the minimum distance to report, it may report inaccurately. If the interval is set to 60 minutes the user will not see a change until 60 minutes have elapsed.
    • Fix: These settings should be set to something reasonable like 5 or 10 meters, and 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Notes:
    • The user should make sure that the mobile devices are assigned to the geofence that they intend to trigger in the ISY Portal.
    • Refer to icons in the app that indicate status of geofence. Red pin is geofence “false” or “out”, and blue pin is geofence “true” or “in” If the status in ISY says false and the pin is red in the app, this is expected and the issue is that the device does not see itself as being inside the geofence.