Polisy:PG2 Dashboard

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Settings Menu


Setting menu allows you to configure Polyglot and System settings.

Polisy Configuration

Allows you to configure system wide time zone and network settings:

To change the Time Zone, you must click on the Change button!

You can also configure your WiFi if you have Polisy PRO.

Polyglot Configuration

If you are not a geek, the only options in this page that are of importance are:

Backup and Restore Polyglot

Yes, you can! If you have been running Polyglot on Raspberry Pi or something else, you can simply back it up and then restore it onto Polisy using these two self explanatory buttons.

ISY Settings

If Polisy has not been able to find and commission your ISY, update this section with ISY parameters such as IP, username, and password.

System Menu

Use this menu to keep your Polisy, Polyglot, and ISY in tiptop shape!

Restart Polyglot

Restarts the Polyglot instance running inside Polisy.

Reboot ISY

Self explanatory.

Check for Polisy Updates

Use this menu regularly to make sure your Polisy is up to date.

Update Polisy

Use this menu if you want to update your Polisy with the latest and greatest as reported by the previous menu.

Reboot Polisy

Reboots the whole system.

Shutdown Polisy

Shutdown the whole system.