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Hello Mark:

Here is your section that I removed:


There is a desire to compare performance the PLC with the PLM and say, "the PLC worked fine why does the PLM not perform the same". The PLC was designed more with the mentality and behaved like it was communicating between themselves. It would not provide feedback to the user that it struggled to communicate, effectively hiding issues that may now be seen with the PLM and ISY setup. Also the PLM is a different design and has a reduced signal strength, it has been discussed that it is somewhere in the near 50% less than the PLC.


Many users that buy the ISY may never have used the Houselinc/PLC. So maybe we can rewrite this to be less specific, but still understandable to those that may have indeed made the comparison.

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The difficult part is how to take these facts that answer the question and make them nonspecific.

Question: "the PLC worked fine why does the PLM not perform the same"

  • PLC
    • works more as a node device (communicating between themselves)
    • does not always notify the user of INSTEON network issues
  • PLM
    • works more as a pass thru device (communication off ramp to outside themselves)
    • provides user detailed feedback of INSTEON network
    • different design dictates different signal handling and signal strength (this detail is the most touchy part)



Well I think after reading your post a bit more, you have covered the topic enough so scratch this idea. Thanks!