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Your product is fantastic and the many forms of support make learning and using easy. Your support representatives on the forums are especially noteworthy in that everyone seems patient, the level of detail in responses is appropriate for the experience level of those asking and I've never detected a hint of condescending attitude. I manage a group of IT support technicians so I know how challenging it can be to deal with a wide range of end-user skill sets. From what I can tell you are juggling career contractor/installers all the way down to hobbyists just now learning how "If...Then...Else" logic works. Keep up the good work and thank you very much!


Programmers look at the ISY languange and see programming constructs, but it is really a very nice, simple, real-time, largely stateless, instantiated, applicative language. Don't try to force too much out of one program and it gets easier. While sometimes useful, if you start looking for ways to emulate nested ifs, variables, etc. it gets ugly very fast.


ISY Cookbook Discussion

This page is for feedback/suggestions/comments on ISY Cookbook. Thank you!