Z-Wave: Configuring Range Extenders and Door Locks

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This repeater will work with door locks (encrypted traffic), though specific steps must be used to configure the network properly.

Here are some requirements for the repeaters to work for the door lock:

  • The Door lock must have FLiRs enabled (repeater allows beaming which allows the repeater to wake up the door lock)
  • The door lock and repeater must see each other as neighbors
  • The repeater must support security mode and included in the network as a secure device. (See your extender or repeater documentation for specifics)
  • Examples:
    • Aeon Labs Extender Gen 5, double tap inclusion button within 1 second when including, if you single tap you include as non-secure.
    • Aeon Labs RGB Bulb Gen 5, Triple "toggle" the on/off switch within 2 seconds to include in secure mode.

To force the door lock and repeater to see each other as neighbors, please:

  • Re-include the door lock after the repeater has been included into the network to force the doorlock to see the repeater as a potential neighbor. (This method may require you to move the ISY closer since the repeater does not support NWI).
  • Open Tools | Diagnostics | Event Viewer and change the Level to 3
  • Wake up the door lock, and run Z-Wave | Tools | Heal Network
    • Watch the Event Viewer and make sure that Heal completes without failure for each of your Z-Wave devices
    • Repeat as necessary