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Getting started with Z-Wave Plus™ for the ISY-994 series

ISY Installation

  1. Connect one of the included Cat5e cable to ISY’s Network Port and to your network hub. Note: the network must initially be DHCP enabled. If DHCP is not enabled, please configure ISY with a static IP address the instructions for which you will find here.
  2. If you are using Insteon, connect the second included Cat5e cable to ISY’s Port A and the other end to the PLM. Note: If your PLM is model number 2413S, you do need a power supply (included)

Host Computer Configuration

  1. If you do not have Java installed, please install the latest for your platform. You may find the latest Java downloads at Please choose the latest JRE for your platform
  2. Follow these instructions to install ISY Finder/Launcher app on your desktop which should be used here on out.

Start the Admin Console

  1. Start the ISY Finder/Launcher on your desktop by double clicking it
  2. Click your ISY on the list which brings up the launch menu
  3. Click on the Admin Console menu item to start the Admin Console
    ISY Finder/Launcher
  4. In a few seconds the Admin Console will start. When prompted to authenticate, enter admin for both username and password
    Admin Console Login Prompt
  5. Choose Help | About from the Admin Console
  6. On the About Dialog, locate My URL and write down the URL. For example, in the following screen shot, the URL is You may also access your ISY using this URL (as long as your router does not change the address for ISY)
    1. On Windows machines, you can access ISY by its name: http://isy
      Z-Wave Add Node Z-Wave Add Node

Choose a Theme

Select File | Themes to change the color scheme and/or default font size used by the Admin Console. The changes will take place the next time you start the Admin Console.
Theme Menu

Set Time and Location

Click on the Configuration | System tab and set the Time and the Physical Location for the unit (used for Sunrise/Sunset calculations).
Set Date and Time

Start Adding Your Devices

Start with the top level Z-Wave menu to begin adding devices to your Z-Wave™ network. We recommend that you first Factory reset the ISY Z-Wave Dongle whenever you start to build a new Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave Top Level Menu

Create a Program

Click on the Programs | Details tab. In the bottom left corner click on the Add Program button. The example here shows thermostat setpoints being changed when a button is pressed on a switch.
ISY Program

Additional Information

For more comprehensive and in-depth instructions, tutorials, and example, please review our Wiki section on Programs.

Please give our Wiki a look where you will find many resources, including videos, examples, tutorials, and even full user guides in PDF/Word formats.

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